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Successful companies are always looking for new ways to do more with less—keeping their business flexible, innovative and competitive without driving up operating costs and capital expenses.

AVAYA PABX IP Office is the right choice for any small business today—whether you are 5, 25 or 250 employees just getting started or already established…have a single office, a home office or multiple stores/sites.

AVAYA PABX IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone—using wired, wireless or broadband. connections.

AVAYA PABX IP Office Is Easy to Use and Manage Whether you are adding a new employee or an entirely new office, setting up a customer service help desk or outfitting an employee to work at home, IP Office keeps it simple.

Service Center AVAYA PABX IP Office.

Bytel total solution for AVAYA PABX IP Office with service AVAYA PABX IP Office, parts AVAYA PABX IP Office, instalation and maintenance AVAYA PABX IP Office we give you solution of easy telecommunication.

Best tecnical AVAYA PABX IP Office and special price no more bugging you about communication in your office or out the office with AVAYA PABX IP Office.

Give me problem and we wil solve for you.

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Komp. Ruko Bank Victoria
Jakarta 10650

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* bytel@cbn.net.id
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